Stormy Seas Ahead

In the next two weeks, Vikingur Olafsvik takes on the top two teams in the Urvalsdeild.  Sunday they travel to Hafnarfjörður to take on an FH squad which will be smarting from its ejection from the Europa League qualifying play-off round.  Then after a long week, they will host KR Reykjavik, who has a 13-1-2 record in 16 matches played.  Their next match, against bottom-table IA, comes on a short turnaround, only three days after playing KR.

Finding a way to get 4+ points out of the next three games seems to be almost essential to escape the drop zone.


Elfar Árni Aðalsteinsson Released from Hospital

Breiðablik striker Elfar Árni Aðalsteinsson was released from the hospital today after spending the night in the aftermath of a serious head-to-head collision in yesterday’s match against KR.  Aðalsteinsson needed to be resuscitated as he lay prone on the pitch, and the match was suspended as he was taken to the hospital.

Doctors reported that Aðalsteinsson did not suffer intracranial bleeding, but still continues to suffer headaches.  While he will likely be out of action for the next several months, it’s good to see he’s healthy enough to return home.