Paths to Victory 2: The Unrelegationing

A couple of weeks ago I posted that Vikingur Olafsvik would need to win at least one match in the last four weeks of the season to have a chance at avoiding relegation.  Today, Vikingur certainly came through, with a resounding 5-0 victory over 1.Dield-bound IA.  At the same time, Thor was held to a 2-2 draw against Keflavik, while appearing to outclass them for most of the match.

As things stand, Vikingur Olafsvik trails Thor by a single point, and is within striking distance of three other teams (Fylkir, Keflavik, and Fram).  While Vikingur is still in the drop zone, today’s match could put them on the path to staying in the PepsiDeild next season.

Vikingur travels to Reykjavik on Sunday to take on 9th-place Fylkir, and returns home to take on 6th-place Valur to end the season.  Let’s look at the possibilities.

Obviously, with two losses, Vikingur Olafsvik returns to the 1.Deild next season.

A loss and a draw puts them at 18 points, which will only avoid relegation if Thor loses both of their last two matches, against IA and 5th-place IBV.  Possible, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it.

With two draws, Vikingur ends with 19 points.  With a single Thor draw and a loss, they would also be on 19 points, and VikingurOl would stay up on goal differential.  Any other result from Thor would send Vikingur down.

With a win and a loss, more paths open up: two Thor draws would put both teams at 20, with Vikingur staying up on goal differential.  Vikingur could also beat out Fylkir for the last spot if Fylkir loses its last two matches, including Sunday’s against Vikingur and week 22 at IA and Vikingur is able to make up 5 in goal differential.  (Vikingur and Fylkir drew earlier in the season; with a win Sunday and a tie on points and goal differential, I believe Vikingur would edge ahead on head-to-head results.)

Turn the loss into a draw, and Vikingur closes out the season with 21 points, and still more paths open up.  If Thor beats IA and loses to IBV (or vice-versa), they end up with 21 and Vikingur stays up on goal differential.  If Vikingur’s win comes against Fylkir and Fylkir loses to IA as well, Vikingur passes them regardless of differential.  Or, if Keflavik loses their last two matches (home vs. 5th-place IBV and at 4th-place Breidablik), Vikingur overtakes them.

Finally, if Vikingur closes out the season with two wins, they end on 23 points, and could pass any of the three teams ahead of them:

  • Thor will drop behind Vikingur with anything but two wins.
  • Fylkir will drop behind Vikingur with a loss or draw at IA, or with a win at IA that allows Vikingur to make up five goals.
  • With two losses, a loss and a draw, or two draws, Keflavik will fall behind, either on points or goal differential.
  • Even Fram comes into reach, with matches against the top two teams in the league (FH and KR), for whom the Champion’s League seat might still be in play; two losses leave them on 22 points.

Bottom line: Win Sunday against Fylkir, and things start falling into place.


One thought on “Paths to Victory 2: The Unrelegationing

  1. So, with a strong showing in their final two games, Vikingur controls their own destiny, it would seem – a little help from Thor wouldn’t hurt, though, eh? 😉

    You are doing a great job with this – I admire your dedication and zeal !!

    One question: Is it possible to put a link to the standings in your posts? I say this so I can keep Raise the Hrafnsmerki! as my one-stop spot for all the goings on in the PepsiDeild.

    P.S. – I’m still waiting to hear from the team about purchasing a V baseball cap – looks like it might take a phone call to the offices to accomplish it. I remain undaunted.

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