Paths to Victory

Well, if not victory, then at least to avoiding relegation.

Vikingur Olafsvik has four matches left, and is sitting at the top of the drop zone with 14 points.  Thor and Keflavik are both on 17.

Thor and Keflavik both play IA at home, and both play IBV, Keflavik at home and Thor away.  They play each other at Thor, and their remaining games are away at top-four teams: Thor at Stjarnan and Keflavik at Breiðablik.

Thor and Keflavik both beat IA away; it’s hard to count on them losing or drawing at home.  That’s three points you have to expect them both to earn.

Keflavik lost to Breiðablik at home and drew IBV away.  Best case for Vikingur, Keflavik gets a home draw against IBV and loses again to Breiðablik.

Thor lost to IBV at home and drew Stjarnan at home.  Two losses aren’t out of the question.

If Keflavik beats Thor, that puts Keflavik at 24 and Þór at 20.  But a draw against Keflavik, IBV, or Stjarnan puts Thor at 21 points.

While Vikingur could reach 20 points with three draws and a win, 21 points would require another win.

Two wins and a draw gets Vikingur to 21 points, and probably keeps them ahead of Thor on goal differential.  Interestingly, that probably makes it more important for Vikingur to beat IA on Sunday than to draw KR at home on Thursday.  

And while it’s hard to imagine a home win against powerhouse KR, consider this: one of KR’s only two losses this year was at Fram.  One of Vikingur’s two wins this year: a week later, at Fram.



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